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Oct 10
hazchem sign

Do food service and manufacturing need hazchem signs?

At Signsmart, we like to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industries hazchem signs and dangerous goods labels are used in. We find that this allows us to provide better, more qualified advice about your signage requirements. Earlier this week, we stumbled upon 2 articles in particular relating... read more →
Sep 27
hazchem signs

How hazchem signs can reduce your fire risk

There’s a another way to protect your business and staff from fires - one that has nothing to do with fire escape plans, sprinklers, or hoses! If you deal with hazardous materials on a daily basis, think about how you handle, store and transport your cargo and wares - this... read more →
Sep 20
emergency information sign

What are oxidising agents, and do they need hazchem signs?

Oxidising agents: a hidden danger in many workplaces and warehouses! Sure, they might not explode on their own, or necessarily affect workers’ health if they’re exposed to them. However, that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. If you needed proof of that, just read our previous article about various hazchem... read more →
Sep 13
hazchem sign

Need hazchem signs? How to choose the right online sign store

If you’ve been in the business for a while, you no doubt have strong relationships with suppliers, including sign manufacturers. You’ve probably found a company that you can trust to provide quality signs with minimal waiting time. But what if you’re only just getting started? If you’re only just getting... read more →
Sep 06
hazchem signs

Hazchem class labels (and hazchem class diamonds) explained!

Take it from us: staying safe around hazardous chemicals and substances is much more complicated than just sticking up a hazchem sign and calling it a day! As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a whole bevy of different legal requirements that come with storing and using hazardous chemicals and materials, one... read more →
Aug 28
Aug 22

Responding to spills (and how emergency information panels help)

So your business keeps hazardous and dangerous chemicals or other substances stored on-site. Naturally, this comes with a whole host of safety considerations. In particular, you’ll need to plan for the possibility of a spill. Even if the amount you keep on location is minimal, you’ll need to think about... read more →
Aug 15
dangerous goods signs and labels

Is your business ready to transport and handle dangerous goods?

Certain types of cargo require a lot more care than others - case in point, dangerous goods. For businesses in the manufacturing, transport and logistics sectors, it’s important that your depots and warehouses have appropriate plans in place for safely handling and transporting dangerous goods such as: Flammables (petrol, kerosene,... read more →
Aug 08
custom safety signs

4 ways custom safety signs help hospitality businesses

While you might not have to deal with forklifts, toxic chemicals or heavy loads, running a hospitality business comes with a whole host of different hazards, both for your staff  and customers. As such, custom safety signs are essential in hospitality businesses… just not in the ways you might think!... read more →
Jul 25
safety signs meanings

Testing emergency lights, exits and the role of safety signs

Understanding workplace safety signs and their meanings, and having the right signs in place are crucial parts of the workplace safety equation. So too is having appropriate safety procedures. However, that’s not the only thing that goes into ensuring that your workplace is safe. Don’t get us wrong - safety... read more →