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Oct 15
hazchem sign

How to make your safety signs more visible: 5 must-know tips!

Location, location, location - ask any business owner and they’ll all say the same thing: location is everything! And we aren’t just talking about where you are relative to your customers and suppliers, either - where things are located inside your property is just as important: Workstations should be arranged... read more →
Oct 07
dangerous goods signs

What are the best places to hang your COVID-19 signs?

While Victoria is back on the path towards reopening (hopefully for real this time) and the rest of the country is already making solid progress towards some measure of normality, there’s no denying that things are going to have to change. For starters, with the virus lurking in the background,... read more →
Sep 25
hazchem signs

What signage requirements do chemical importers need to follow?

Importing goods from overseas is a major logistical challenge - and when said goods are hazardous chemicals and dangerous substances, they’re also a major OHS headache too! Hazardous chemicals, as we all know, need to be treated with care throughout the transportation, distribution and storage processes. Every team member at... read more →
Sep 18
mandatory signs

How mandatory signs keep you safe from chemicals

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: chemicals are dangerous, and need a comprehensive safety system surrounding them to ensure that your workplace is safe. And a large part of that is signs. We’ve talked a lot about the importance of hazchem signs, emergency information panels and dangerous... read more →
Sep 03
emergency information panel

What are SDS, and how do they impact your workplace safety signs?

Keeping your workplace safe from hazardous chemicals doesn’t start with your PPE, or your emergency procedure. It doesn’t even start with your hazchem signs, emergency information panels and dangerous goods signs - it starts by getting your hands on safety data sheets. Safety data sheets - SDS for short -... read more →
Jul 29
Jul 22
dangerous goods label

5 situations where you don’t need hazchem signs

Transporting and storing hazardous chemicals is serious business. Chemicals are dangerous, after all - there’s all manner of laws, OHS requirements and common sense rules you’ll have to follow to keep everyone safe. One of the most visible safety measures? Workplace safety signs. Any workplace that deals with hazardous chemicals... read more →
Jul 15
GHS signs

Everything you need to know about GHS signs and labels!

Workplace safety signs are a crucial part of keeping you and your team safe around hazardous chemicals. We’re talking about things like: Hazchem signs Emergency information panels Dangerous goods signs Warning signs Mandatory signs for PPE Each of these signs (and more) are must-haves if you deal with hazardous chemicals.... read more →
Jun 30
Jun 22
hazchem signs

Hazchem safety starts by talking to your team

Australian OHS laws are pretty strict when it comes to workplace safety. In particular, they’re very specific when it comes to the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals. Hazchem signs and emergency information panels, designated storage areas, ventilation… There are many requirements that businesses that work with hazardous chemicals need... read more →