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Sep 23
safety signs in Australia

What are the standards for safety signs in Australia?

Maintaining the safety of the people you are responsible for everyday is a crucial thing. Whether you are a council member who is in charge of traffic safety or building safety or a manager of a warehouse or office, dangers can happen at any time. You need to be constantly... read more →
Sep 09
hazchem signs in Melbourne

How your business can meet Australian WHS requirements

Work Health and Safety or WHS are the regulations and requirements in Australia that managers need to establish to uphold a healthy and safe workplace. There are many precautions businesses can take to comply with WHS standards, such as consistently monitoring risks and hazards, reporting incidents, and having the right... read more →
Aug 23
Custom safety signs in Melbourne

How to find effective safety signs for your workplace

If you work in or manage a factory, warehouse, laboratory, or construction site, safety signs are a critical part of workplace safety that ensure people can remain healthy and free from danger. A lot of the time, you can find safety signs online - but what if you need something... read more →
Jul 28

Quick Matrix Guide for Safety Signs And Meanings

Decoding safety signs and meanings can be as confusing as they are hard to remember. While workplace safety signs and meanings articles and written guides are helpful in going into detail, a visual guide breaking down the basics of safety signs and meanings can speedily clarify any confusion or mix-up... read more →
Jul 28
Safety signs and their meanings

The most common safety signs and their meanings

Safety signs are found within a variety of institutions in order to convey information that people need to see and understand in order to stay safe and compliant. These institutions include places such as: Science laboratories Medical facilities Factories and warehouses Offices and commercial buildings Education facilities Entertainment and retail... read more →
Jul 13
Safety training in the workplace

Five ways to prioritise safety in the workplace

Health and safety are two of the most important factors that should never be overlooked as any workplace should highly depend on them. Workplace safety is something that needs to be a high priority to help you avoid work-related injuries and accidents. The conscious effort to make staff, contractors, and... read more →
Jun 30
fire hydrant signs in melbourne

What fire safety signs do you need in your building?

Fire engines can only hold so much water yet there is a continuous supply of water underground, like in our shower or sink. Fire hydrants give firefighters access to this water through their valves which pump water from underground to wherever the water is needed. You probably see fire hydrants... read more →
Jun 16
hazchem signs

What you need to know about Emergency Information Panels (EIP)

Emergency Information Panels or EIP signs in Melbourne are more than just signs. Your staff are most likely aware of all the safety protocols regarding handling, storing and transporting dangerous goods and substances. However, your employees aren't the only ones at risk of coming into contact with hazardous goods and... read more →
May 26
hazchem signs

Why do you need hazchem and emergency information panels (EIP)?

Poor response and actions during emergencies can cause disasters. Chemical explosions, fire, spillage and other chemical-related accidents can happen anytime. This is why you need hazchem labels in Australia and EIP signs for emergency management personnel to safely and immediately identify the actions needed. Proper communication and use of safety... read more →
May 11
dangerous goods signs

The importance of dangerous goods signage

Properly storing and handling dangerous goods and substances is a crucial part of Australian workplace safety and health standards. After all, you’re dealing with items that pose a tangible risk to the health, security, lives and property of everyone around! Health and safety are two of the most important things... read more →