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Jul 13
Safety training in the workplace

Five ways to prioritise safety in the workplace

Health and safety are two of the most important factors that should never be overlooked as any workplace should highly depend on them. Workplace safety is something that needs to be a high priority to help you avoid work-related injuries and accidents. The conscious effort to make staff, contractors, and... read more →
Jun 30
fire hydrant signs in melbourne

What fire safety signs do you need in your building?

Fire engines can only hold so much water yet there is a continuous supply of water underground, like in our shower or sink. Fire hydrants give firefighters access to this water through their valves which pump water from underground to wherever the water is needed. You probably see fire hydrants... read more →
Jun 16
hazchem signs

What you need to know about Emergency Information Panels (EIP)

Emergency Information Panels or EIP signs in Melbourne are more than just signs. Your staff are most likely aware of all the safety protocols regarding handling, storing and transporting dangerous goods and substances. However, your employees aren't the only ones at risk of coming into contact with hazardous goods and... read more →
May 26
hazchem signs

Why do you need hazchem and emergency information panels (EIP)?

Poor response and actions during emergencies can cause disasters. Chemical explosions, fire, spillage and other chemical-related accidents can happen anytime. This is why you need hazchem labels in Australia and EIP signs for emergency management personnel to safely and immediately identify the actions needed. Proper communication and use of safety... read more →
May 11
dangerous goods signs

The importance of dangerous goods signage

Properly storing and handling dangerous goods and substances is a crucial part of Australian workplace safety and health standards. After all, you’re dealing with items that pose a tangible risk to the health, security, lives and property of everyone around! Health and safety are two of the most important things... read more →
Apr 27
madatory signs in australia

What are the elements of a compliant safety sign?

Workplace compliance to health and safety standards is a MUST in every business. Lives can be put at risk should you fail to comply with these workplace safety rules and regulations. Not only that, but there’s also the reputational damage, fines and lawsuits that may arise if you’re found to... read more →
Apr 20
Apr 13
dangerous goods signs

What rules do your safety signs need to comply with?

You know how important it is to have appropriate safety signs - but do you know whether or not your signs are appropriate? While we’ve talked about this particular subject a couple of times before, it bears repeating that it isn’t enough to simply have safety signs. If you want... read more →
Apr 06
custom safety signs australia

Find out how to avoid these 5 common safety signs mistakes

You comply with safe work practices. You've planned safety training. You’ve reviewed your business' safety protocols every now and then. Your workplace is stocked with appropriate PPE. And of course, you’ve put up appropriate safety signs.  All of these are absolutely crucial when it comes to help keeping your team... read more →
Mar 26