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Jul 22
dangerous goods label

5 situations where you don’t need hazchem signs

Transporting and storing hazardous chemicals is serious business. Chemicals are dangerous, after all - there’s all manner of laws, OHS requirements and common sense rules you’ll have to follow to keep everyone safe. One of the most visible safety measures? Workplace safety signs. Any workplace that deals with hazardous chemicals... read more →
Jul 15
GHS signs

Everything you need to know about GHS signs and labels!

Workplace safety signs are a crucial part of keeping you and your team safe around hazardous chemicals. We’re talking about things like: Hazchem signs Emergency information panels Dangerous goods signs Warning signs Mandatory signs for PPE Each of these signs (and more) are must-haves if you deal with hazardous chemicals.... read more →
Jun 30
Jun 22
hazchem signs

Hazchem safety starts by talking to your team

Australian OHS laws are pretty strict when it comes to workplace safety. In particular, they’re very specific when it comes to the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals. Hazchem signs and emergency information panels, designated storage areas, ventilation… There are many requirements that businesses that work with hazardous chemicals need... read more →
Jun 15
Jun 08
COVID-19 signs

Make your workplace COVID-safe with our COVID-19 signs

You’ve probably seen the signs going up at your favourite stores. We’re talking about pretty simple pieces of paper or cardboard, usually with social distancing guidelines scrawled on in Sharpie, or typed up in Microsoft Word and printed out. As we start returning to in-person work, you’re probably thinking about... read more →
May 26
May 17
hazchem signs

Not just hazchem signs – 11 MUST-KNOW rules for hazardous materials

In preparation for your first shipment of hazardous materials, you’ve kitted your workplace out with  hazchem signs, emergency information panels and dangerous goods labels in all the right places. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’re covered! Safety is a complex issue - especially when hazardous chemicals are involved. Staying... read more →
May 10
workplace safety sign

More than hazchem signs: essential signs for hazardous chemicals

And no, we aren’t just talking about mandatory signs (though they’re an important part of your signage!) Chemicals are crazy dangerous. To keep your staff and workplace safe, you’ll need to take great care to ensure that these substances are handled properly. And that means ensuring your business has appropriate... read more →
May 05