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Jul 11

Hazard sign meanings, explained (and how to recognise them)

Good workplace safety starts with good workplace safety signs. In our experience, danger signs, hazard signs and more are the first line of defence against a workplace accident or injury, as well as a crucial part of your workplace safety strategy. However, it’s a defence that won’t do much if... read more →
Jul 04
Jun 26
Jun 19
EIP signs

Why transport and logistics businesses need safety signs?

As the operator of a transport and logistics business, you no doubt understand the importance of safety signage - in particular, of traffic and road signs. However, those aren’t the only types of signs the typical transport business needs to adhere to - have you considered whether your business needs... read more →
Jun 12
Jun 05
May 22
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May 03
safety signs

Safety signs in Australia’s most dangerous industries

Here’s a question: what’s Australia’s most dangerous industry? Surprisingly, it isn’t construction, mining or manufacturing - rather, it’s transport, postal and warehousing. According to Safe Work Australia, transport, postal and warehousing accounted for just over 25% of all workplace fatalities between 2007 and 2016, just edging out agriculture. Taking a... read more →