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Safety Signs in the Workplace

Smart solutions for your workplace safety needs

Keep everyone from accidents and injuries with signs for safety in the workplace

Safety is king at the workplace – and it starts at the ground level with safety signs in the workplace.

Good signage is a crucial step in keeping your workplace safe and compliant with Australian safety regulations and strict workplace safety laws.

Do you need to:

  • Alert people to the dangers of certain substances at the workplace?
    overseas warehouse
  • Quickly outline safety procedures?
  • Help locate safety equipment like first-aid kits and fire extinguishers?

No matter what workplace signs you need, it’s crucial that you have the right sign, and that you aren’t left waiting for long without proper signage cover.


Safety warning signs for the workplace

With a huge range of signs for safety in the workplace available and fast nation-wide delivery, Signsmart helps to ensure that you’ve got proper sign coverage, and so that’s one thing you don’t need to worry about

hazchem signs

All of your workplace hazards and risks, covered

Some businesses deal with chemicals. Others have a unique emergency procedure that everyone needs to know about. And some just want workplace hazard signs to help those poor delivery drivers that keep getting lost.

Whatever the issue, the solution is the same: a sign.

Our extensive range of safety signs in the workplace means that no matter what unique challenges, hazards or risks your team faces, you won’t need to worry about your signs falling short.

When it comes to keeping your workplace safe with signs, the type of sign is only the first step – you’ll also need to think about:

  • Sign placement
  • Font size
  • Materials
  • Lines-of-sight and obstructions

As signage experts, Signsmart doesn’t just create signs – we’ll also ensure that your signs for safety in the workplace are compliant, and that your signage solution follows Australian workplace safety standards.

Signs for safety in the workplace : what do you need to stay safe?

Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs

Whether it’s a specific set of steps that need to be taken to stay safe or legally-mandated PPE requirements, these signs are just what you need to ensure that all of these mandatory safety procedures are followed.

Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs

Phones. Open-toed shoes. Smoking. There are some things that dramatically up the chance of an accident. Prohibition signs are crucial to ensure that these prohibited actions or items aren’t brought in.

Warning and caution signs

Warning and caution signs

Identify and warn people of potential hazards at the workplace with warning and caution signs. These signs for safety in the workplace are an unmissable sign (no pun intended) of potential hazards!

Danger signs

Danger signs

Potentially life-threatening risks need to be identified if your team is to avoid accidents. Whether it’s high voltage, fire risk, harsh chemicals or dangerous machinery, these safety signs in the workplace can literally save a life.

Hazchem signs

Hazchem signs

Our range of hazchem signs comply with Australia’s strict hazchem requirements, making use of our extensive experience dealing with operators in the petrochemical and chemical industries.

Emergency Information Panels (EIPs)

Emergency Information Panels (EIPs)

Transporting or storing hazardous substances? Emergency information panels succinctly communicate everything information including name, proper disposal methods and more to workers, truck drivers and emergency services.

First-aid signs

First-aid signs

Our range of health and safety signs in the workplace also includes first-aid signs. Our first-aid signs can save seconds by helping your team locate first-aid equipment – and when an emergency strikes, these seconds count!

Dangerous goods signs/labels

Dangerous goods signs/labels

Ensure that all containers of dangerous goods are properly labelled! Our dangerous goods signs and labels are available in a variety of sizes, with adhesive options also available.

Fire safety signs

Fire safety signs

Whether it’s firefighting equipment or an emergency fire escape, it’s important that all fire safety measures are properly identified and labelled with fire safety signs.


Custom made signs for safety in the workplace

Some workplaces need a bespoke solution – something that Signsmart can offer

Custom safety signs Australia

No two workplaces are the same – while you may face the same workplace risks and hazards, the way your operation deals with them can differ from others.

This requires a tailored signage solution – something that Signsmart specialises in.

Our team can quickly create a wide variety of custom safety signs in the workplace, including both template signs and completely unique, clean-sheet designs.

The process is simple:

  • Get in touch with our team
  • Describe what you need – this can be as general or specific as you want
  • Send through resources like floorplans or company logos
  • Simply wait for our team to get your workplace health and safety signs to you

Fast, nationwide delivery and industry-leading turnaround time means that you don’t need to wait long for your safety signs in Australia.

Our team takes the load off you – we’re intimately familiar with signage requirements as mandated by Australian standards, and we’ll help you develop the right custom signs for safety in the workplace that suits your needs

Get a custom workplace safety sign

Safety signs in the workplace for all sorts of industries

Safety is paramount regardless of what it is that you do – and safety and warning signs in the workplace play a key role in keeping your workplace safe

Chemical industry

Fuel industry



Building & construction

Warehousing / distribution / logistics


COVID-safe workplace

Site information and building signs

Not all signs in the workplace are a matter of life-and-death

In addition to letting people know what they need to do to stay safe, good signage also functions as a way to:

  • Help people get around
  • Lay down the ground rules of your site
  • Direct delivery drivers and visitors

Signsmart doesn’t just deliver peace-of-mind – we also help you build a workplace that works more smoothly and build a more efficient workplace.

Are you shopping for hazchem signs and other workplace safety signs? Notice that you need a couple of other signs as well such as exit signs?

Luckily for you, our sign shop has you covered.  Get in touch with our team today!