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Dangerous Goods Signs and Labels

Dangerous goods need a Smart solution. Our dangerous goods signage & labels helps protect you from accidents as well as legal trouble.

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Dangerous goods signage Australia

While it mightn’t be as immediately apparent as a pair of gloves or a safety railing, signage and labels are a crucial part of the safety equation.

This is especially true if your business deals in dangerous goods on a regular basis. ie – if you store, manufacture, transport or handle dangerous goods.

Improper (or worse, non-existent) signage or labels for dangerous goods:

  • Can lead to improper handling of dangerous materials
  • Increases the risk of a workplace injury
  • Opens you up to costly legal action
  • Places your business in the sights of regulators

Our easy-to-use online store features all the dangerous goods signs and labelling you need to avoid injury, damage and legal trouble.

We have ‘Class Diamonds’ for transport and distribution along with rolled labels for packaging and handling.

For all your dangerous goods signs and labels

Dangerous goods labels

100% Australian-owned and produced

Each of our dangerous goods signs are made right here in our Melbourne factory.

This is massive. It ensure that your money is going into the pockets of your fellow Aussies.


Custom sign printing for less-common goods

Work with less-common substances and goods? Can’t seem to find a prefab sign that fulfils your requirements?

We’ve got you covered!

On top of a mind-bogglingly large range of prefabricated, our team also custom print dangerous goods signs in our workshop.

All you need to do is tell us your obligations and what you work with – we’ll create custom signs and labels.

Examples of dangerous goods signage



Explosives are the most hazardous thing you work with. As such, associated signage needs to be big and visible.

Flammable gas

Flammable gas

Alert your workers to the dangers of flammable gas and the appropriate fire response plan with flammable gas signage from Signsmart.

Non-toxic & non-flammable gas

Non-toxic & non-flammable gas

Even non-toxic gases that are stored and transported must be labelled appropriately. What’s your procedure for a gas leak? We’ll help you with custom safety signage for non-toxic and non-flammable gas.

Toxic gas

Toxic gas

Signsmart provides safety signs and labels that tell your workers and emergency personnel exactly how toxic gasses need to be handled. We offer exceptional customer service and fast turnaround times.

Flammable liquid

Flammable liquid

Open flames aren’t the only thing that can set flammable liquids like petroleum alight. Ensure all your bases are covered with custom safety and warning signs that detail important information about flammable liquid.



Radioactive materials have highly specific handling procedures. Safety signage and warning labels are essential to ensure radiation is handled correctly and safely in the event of a spill or leak.

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