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Jan 04
hazchem signs

Signs and labels for hazardous chemical cabinets

When it comes to storing hazardous chemicals, there’s no such thing as “too safe!” You may think you’ve got a good setup going - however, there’s always something you could be doing better. For example, does your business use chemical storage cabinets for all of the dangerous substances you store... read more →
Dec 18
Dec 11
Dec 04
shipping and transport signs

6 Tips in storing flammable substances

Flammable materials are some of the most dangerous ones you’ll ever store at your workplace. As such, they also (understandably) come with some pretty strict storage requirements! And it goes beyond putting dangerous goods labels, hazchem signs and fire hazard signs around your storage areas. When it comes to flammable... read more →
Nov 25
Nov 18
COVID-safe workplace

6 lesser-known ways of COVID-proofing your workplace

With businesses finally re-opening throughout Victoria (for the second - and hopefully, final time), the topic of COVID safety is no doubt on your mind. In particular, you’re thinking about ways you can protect your staff and customers’ health, and build a COVID-safe workplace. As part of that, you’ve probably... read more →
Nov 11
workplace safety signages

How do you store oxidising agents?

Not all hazardous chemicals are flammable. While petrol may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dangerous substances, they aren’t the only ones - in fact, the Hazchem system actually has several different categories of dangerous goods. And some of them aren’t actually dangerous in... read more →
Nov 04
mandatory signs australia

6 different ways how Signsmart can custom your safety signs

Hazchem signs. Emergency information Panels (EIPs). Dangerous goods signs and labels. Our online sign shop stocks a huge range of each of these signs, as well as standard signs like warning signs, mandatory signs and more, all of which help you keep your workplace safe. Of course, there’s no such... read more →
Oct 28
emergency information panel

How often should I hold a hazchem safety meeting?

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to staying safe around chemicals. Obviously, we’re most concerned with hazchem signs, emergency information panels (EIPs), dangerous goods signs and labels and other workplace safety signs. However, they’re just one part of the safety equation - if you want to... read more →
Oct 21

What’s the difference between dangerous goods signs and GHS labels?

Dangerous goods signs and labels are crucial if your business deals with hazardous chemicals and other dangerous substances. Among our range of signs and labels however, you’ll notice that there’s a section dedicated to GHS labels. Now you find yourself wondering “what makes these particular signs and labels so special?”... read more →