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Feb 14
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Jan 30
hazchem signs

WHERE should your hazchem signs and EIPs go?

We’ve talked about the “why” of workplace safety signs time and time again. We’ve talked about the “what” a couple of times. But we’ve never discussed the “where” before. This is a major oversight - one that we intend to fix right here and now! For your hazchem signs, emergency... read more →
Jan 23
Jan 16
Site safety sign construction

How good signage can keep your construction site safe

As any builder, foreman or GC knows, construction is one of the most accident-prone industries to work in. You’ll have to contend with heights, ladders, heavy equipment, machinery… the list goes on and on. Luckily for your chippies and contractors, it’s also one of the most heavily-regulated industries out there,... read more →
Jan 15
UN number hazchem sign EU

What are UN numbers, and why are they so important for EIPs?

Workplace emergency safety signs, dangerous goods labels and emergency information panels - each of these are crucial if you’re to keep your team safe around hazardous chemicals and substances. But what good are these signs if you can’t understand what they say? In addition to a hazchem diamond, each emergency... read more →
Jan 06
Dec 19
Hazchem sign class 9

Does your workplace need dangerous goods signs and labels?

There are two things that are imperative in every workplace that stores, uses or transports hazchem materials: Dangerous goods signs and labels  Proper processes, training and equipment to handle and dispose of these materials We’ve said it before and we will say it again… the most important thing in every... read more →
Dec 17
Petrol station prohibition sign

Hazchem signs and EIPs in petrol stations

You don’t often think about the dangers that might be lurking when you top up your tank - take it from us however, petrol stations are surprisingly dangerous places!  For petrol station operators in particular, it’s important that you take steps to protect everyone in and around your petrol station:... read more →
Dec 12