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Mar 30
Mar 20
workplace safety sign

Communicating safety with workplace safety signs

Effective communication is crucial in business. Whether it’s you and your supplier, you and your frontline workers, or you and your partners, good communication is key to an operation that runs like clockwork. That means developing a system that allows you and your team to effortlessly communicate with each other.... read more →
Mar 10
dangerous goods labels

Hazchem signs v danger signs: what’s the difference?

Safety signs in Australia come in many shapes and sizes, with all sorts of different meanings, designs and more. What makes it worse is that many of these signs overlap - as if figuring out your signage requirements wasn’t hard enough already! Two of the most common (and easiest to... read more →
Mar 05
workplace safety sign

Not just hazchem signs – Signsmart makes kitchen signs too!

Kitchen safety: it’s everyone’s business! Working in a commercial kitchen is a lot more dangerous than many outsiders give it credit for. Not only is there the risk of burns or accidentally cutting oneself, but there’s also the risk of inadvertently infecting a patron or customer too. As a restaurant... read more →
Feb 26
hazchem signs

Why hazchem and emergency information panels (EIP)s matter!

Workplace safety is important - you know that, we know that, everyone knows that. What fewer business owners know is the importance of signage. Yep, the humble workplace safety sign carries with it huge importance. No matter what industry your business operates in, it’s crucial that your site has appropriate... read more →
Feb 19
Feb 14
Feb 07
Jan 30
hazchem signs

WHERE should your hazchem signs and EIPs go?

We’ve talked about the “why” of workplace safety signs time and time again. We’ve talked about the “what” a couple of times. But we’ve never discussed the “where” before. This is a major oversight - one that we intend to fix right here and now! For your hazchem signs, emergency... read more →
Jan 23