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Hazchem Signage & EIP Signs

Explore tailored Hazchem signs Melbourne: safeguard your workplace with custom solutions

As a manufacturer or a petroleum, chemical, or transport company, strict adherence to safety requirements is paramount. This includes appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety barriers, and comprehensive training programs. 

Equally as important is the implementation of effective Hazchem signage.

Hazchem signs are also referred to as Emergency Information Panels or EIPs. These custom EIP signs provide critical information in emergency situations, enabling swift and informed actions.

At Signsmart, we understand the urgency when it comes to Hazchem and EIP signage in Melbourne. We are committed to providing you with the necessary signs quickly, assisting you with your compliance and safety requirements. Call now and tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest – including delivery anywhere in Australia!

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Ensuring the safety of your people, equipment, and facilities is of utmost importance. Signsmart understands the critical information to include on Hazchem and Emergency Information Panels (EIPs). We work closely with you to deliver signs quickly.

Our goal is to provide you with reliable, customised emergency information and dangerous goods signs that prioritise safety.

Hazchem signs
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  • What substances are being handled or transported
  • Conditions to avoid
  • How to respond to a leak or spill
  • The proper procedure for cleaning and disposal

The significance of these signs cannot be understated, particularly for employees, as well as emergency services and first responders in emergency situations. In the event of an emergency or spillage, it is imperative that they can swiftly identify the substance or chemical involved.

At Signsmart, we recognise the importance of an effective Hazchem sign. Our aim is to provide you with a high-quality and effective sign that can help you enhance safety measures. 

With a custom emergency information panel, you can ensure that vital information is readily available. This empowers employees and first responders to take swift and appropriate action in hazardous situations.


Identify exactly what you’re handling with Emergency Information Panels

Whether you’re transporting, storing, or manufacturing hazardous substances, EIP signs are designed to provide simple and clear information critical to your safety.

  • Our emergency information panel identify hazardous materials by name and UN number
  • We also use internationally recognised Hazchem codes to inform people how these substances may react
  • Your team will know if a substance is flammable or toxic, as well as how to react to a spill
  • They are ideal for vehicles carrying bulk dangerous goods, road  tankers, and shipping containers
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We’re on your schedule

We’re on your schedule

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Custom EIP and hazchem

Custom EIP and hazchem

We specialise in creating custom EIP and safety signs for your workplace.

The ideal solution for businesses that deal with hazardous chemicals – whether you’re manufacturing, storing, or transporting them.

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