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Hazchem & EIP

When Hazchem and EIP signage is critical and the deadline is tight – being Signsmart is the only way to get it done!


As a manufacturer, petroleum, chemical or transport company, you need to meet strict safety requirements.

That means appropriate PPE, safety barriers and training programmes.

And of course, you can’t forget the importance of signage.

Hazchem and Emergency Information Panel (EIPs) are a crucial part of your OHS obligations, and are in fact a legal requirement in Australia.

If you need Hazchem or EIP signage delivered in an emergency, give Signsmart a call – we’ll get you the signs you need, fast!

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EIP and Hazchem signage: more than just a warning

Each of our dangerous goods signs is made right here in our Melbourne factory.

This is massive. Not only does it ensure that your money is going into the pockets of your fellow Aussies, but it also means that you receive signs that comply with strict Australian standards and laws.

While every country has regulations for labelling dangerous goods, what’s the legal requirements for proper labelling overseas might not pass muster here.

It’s essential that the dangerous good labels adhere to Australian standards. An overseas manufacturer can’t necessarily guarantee that – but we can!

Hazchem classification

Hazchem signage is designed to tell us:

  • What substances are being handled or transported
  • Conditions to avoid
  • How to respond to a leak or spill
  • The proper procedure for cleaning and disposal

This is especially critical for employees as well as police officers and firefighters, who must be able to quickly identify the substance or chemical in case of emergency or spillage.

Put yourself in their shoes: would you feel comfortable handling a mysterious substance if you didn’t know the associated risks, or managing a spill if something went wrong?

We didn’t think so.


In addition to standard OHS warning signs, Signsmart also produces Emergency Information Panels that allow people to identify exactly what you’re working with.

  • For starters, our emergency information panel identify hazardous materials by name and UN number
  • We also use internationally recognised hazchem codes to tell your  staff how these substances behave
  • Your team will know if a substance is flammable or toxic, as well as how to react to a spill
  • They are ideal for vehicles carrying bulk dangerous goods, road  tankers, and shipping containers
  • Our EIP and Hazchem signage complies with Australian regulations and standards
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We’re on your schedule

We’re on your schedule

Missing a vital piece of Hazchem signage or an EIP?

Need a replacement ASAP?

We’ve got you covered! Our fast-working factory means we can pump out EIP and hazchem signage with minimal turnaround.

Custom EIP and hazchem

Custom EIP and hazchem

Can’t find the sign with your exact specifications? Need something custom? Get it made by Signsmart!

Using our huge range of templates, we can create EIP and safety signs for your workplace that adhere to OHS and WorkSafe standards – perfect for businesses that Manufacture, handle, store or transport chemicals and fuel.

Get in touch with our team of designers – we’ll create custom EIP and safety signage to keep you and your team compliant, and most importantly, safe.