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Mar 19
dangerous goods signs

What is a placard load in dangerous goods transport?

We spend a lot of time talking about hazchem codes in Australia, as well as what you need to do to keep yourself and your team safe if your business uses and stores hazardous chemicals. One specific area we don’t get to talk about quite as frequently however is all... read more →
Mar 12
Mar 05
safety signs Australia

Where to install emergency lights and exit signs?

There’s a wide range of safety signs Australia requires workplaces to use. Most of the time, we focus on hazchem signs and the like - of course, not all businesses work with dangerous chemicals and substances. You’re probably thinking that since your business or organisation is one of them, you... read more →
Feb 26
Feb 19
danger signs Australia

Stay safe by controlling workplace hazards

Each workplace comes with its own workplace hazards. While some may be ignored (not that we recommend it), if you want to keep your workplace safe and avoid a fine, you’ll want to take steps to avoid them as much as possible. That means putting in place measures like: Installing... read more →
Feb 12
workplace safety sign fire exit sign

How to determine what safety signs your workplace needs

Compliance with workplace health and safety signs is key to protecting your employees' health, welfare, and safety. Each business and workplace in Australia knows that work-related accidents and injuries can happen at any time. Whether you are in the manufacturing, warehouse, and logistics, clear and accessible safety signs are a... read more →
Feb 05
custom site safety signs

Does everybody see your safety signs?

Workplace safety signs and meanings are key parts of keeping your workplace safe from all sorts of hazards. Whether it’s general instructions, warnings, hazchem labels and danger signs, each one needs to be clearly visible and legible if people are to read, understand and follow them. That’s why signs use... read more →
Jan 25
hazard signs in Australia

Hazmat labels for shipping hazardous materials

So you need to send out a shipment - what do you normally include? Invoices Tracking numbers Delivery dockets Handling instructions When said shipment includes hazardous materials however, you need to go a little bit further. Due to the inherent risk associated with these substances, you’ll need to make sure... read more →
Jan 18
workplace safety signs

Safety fundamentals: do you know why safety signs matter?

When it comes to safety, you can’t cut corners. That goes for both the big and the small measures that you take to protect your team, including easily forgettable steps like ensuring that you’re using the safety signs Australia mandates in its OHS regulations! Just one question: how much do... read more →
Jan 11
danger signs Australia

How to ship dangerous goods: what do you need to think of?

Shipping dangerous goods is easy - shipping them safely, on the other hand? That’s an entirely different kettle of fish. As we’re sure you know, there’s a whole world of hazardous substances out there, each of which have their own qualities and need to follow specific regulations when transporting them,... read more →