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Dec 02
emergency information panels/EIPs

The experts on hazchem signs explain what’s in hazchem spill kits

Hazchem spill kits are one of those things that every business that deals in hazardous chemicals should have, and which (fingers crossed) will never be used!  Good safety policies, storage procedures and of course, compliant hazchem signs and emergency information panels can prevent accidents. Of course, we all know what... read more →
Dec 02
fire hazard signs

Fire safety, hazchem signs and your OHS obligations

If there’s one piece of advice the team at Signsmart can give you, it’s that you always need to know what the law is in regards to workplace safety. This extends beyond hazchem signs and dangerous goods labels - it’s particularly important when it comes to fire safety in your... read more →
Nov 22
hazchem signs; emergency information panels/EIP

Hazchem signs and EIPs for schools in Melbourne

Schools and hazchem are two words that you don’t usually associate with one another. While schools may not be the biggest customers of hazchem signs and emergency information panels, don’t let that fool you - hazchem (and hazchem safety) is a concern at many schools and universities. It isn’t just... read more →
Nov 15
Oct 31
dangerous goods labels

Dangerous goods labels: GHS vs class diamonds

Dangerous goods need to be labelled - it’s a pretty important part of staying safe around dangerous goods! Of course, it isn’t quite as simple as slapping on a sticker and calling it a day - among the myriad things you’ll need to understand include understanding the many different kinds... read more →
Oct 28
Oct 16
emergency information panels

Transport vs storage emergency information panels

When it comes to hazardous materials, you need to meet strict safety requirements including safety equipment, training, policies... and of course, signage. Hazchem signs are only one part of the safety equation - just as important are emergency information panels (EIPs). Emergency information signs and panels are a crucial part... read more →
Oct 10
hazchem sign

Do food service and manufacturing need hazchem signs?

At Signsmart, we like to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industries hazchem signs and dangerous goods labels are used in. We find that this allows us to provide better, more qualified advice about your signage requirements. Earlier this week, we stumbled upon 2 articles in particular relating... read more →
Sep 27
hazchem signs

How hazchem signs can reduce your fire risk

There’s a another way to protect your business and staff from fires - one that has nothing to do with fire escape plans, sprinklers, or hoses! If you deal with hazardous materials on a daily basis, think about how you handle, store and transport your cargo and wares - this... read more →
Sep 20
emergency information sign

What are oxidising agents, and do they need hazchem signs?

Oxidising agents: a hidden danger in many workplaces and warehouses! Sure, they might not explode on their own, or necessarily affect workers’ health if they’re exposed to them. However, that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. If you needed proof of that, just read our previous article about various hazchem... read more →